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The benefits of living like a minimalist


Picture: Osman Kalim his ‘Baumhaus’ at Berlin. During my burn-out I made a life-changing realization: everything I owned didn’t bring purpose, meaning, fulfillment… The more I owned, the more I kept on buying. I found out that the pressure of society for having a perfect life including nice house, good job and working as hard […]

Travel update | Visiting England for 20 days


Oh my, I can’t believe that in just 2 days I will be visiting my boyfriend agian. He lives nearby Cambridge.  It has been almost 2 months that I visited him at his place but I will make it up by staying longer. Much longer cause I will stay there for almost one month. Yeah! Enough […]

Let’s start a new journey together!

Zeldzaam Mooi - Groningen - 13- ©Kim Buining fotografie

Hi! Thanks for popping by! After 3 years of blogging at I decided it’s time for a new, fresh start. At this website I would love to share my thoughts and experiences of living an sustainable life. I love fair fashion and I’m very proud that after such a dark time, I started blogging […]