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Zeldzaam mooi - Olst - handgemaakte markt - ©kim buining fotografie

As you may know, living a more minimal and mindful live is one of my goals this year. Minimalism gives your mind so much peace, brings you back to the important thing in live and makes you realize that real happiness comes from within. Today I want to share a list of blogs that write […]

What did I achieve with blogging the last couple of months?

Hi loves! It’s time for my second blog update. In November I wrote about the results after 3 months blogging on this new platform. What I liked about it and where I wanted to be focussing on. And I can tell you this: things changed. Big time! Let’s start with the beginning. What’s really important? […]

Minimalism update | How to start yourself?

Minimalism is a perfect way to declutter from busy routines. In my last blog post, I wrote about the big benefits that I notice since I’ve started. I can really recommend to anyone that want to live a more meaningful and conscious life. How do you start with minimalism? Well, I think the most important […]

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