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What did I achieve with blogging the last couple of months?

Hi loves! It’s time for my second blog update. In November I wrote about the results after 3 months blogging on this new platform. What I liked about it and where I wanted to be focussing on. And I can tell you this: things changed. Big time! Let’s start with the beginning. What’s really important? […]

Minimalism update | How to start yourself?

Minimalism is a perfect way to declutter from busy routines. In my last blog post, I wrote about the big benefits that I notice since I’ve started. I can really recommend to anyone that want to live a more meaningful and conscious life. How do you start with minimalism? Well, I think the most important […]

Travel update | I’m going to England!

England with here beautiful architecture, clean streets and polite people. Every time that I visit the country, I start to feel more home. I can get used to the fact that when you walk into a store and want to look at some products, people say;’ Excuse me’ and make some room. I can get […]