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Travel update | I’m going to England!

England with here beautiful architecture, clean streets and polite people. Every time that I visit the country, I start to feel more home. I can get used to the fact that when you walk into a store and want to look at some products, people say;’ Excuse me’ and make some room. I can get […]

Did you ever eat at Makro Groningen?

Well, I guess not! Most people that I speak about this subject are surprised. Can you eat out at Makro Groningen? Seriously? Like how? Well, it’s super easy and a lot of fun. Let me tell you how in today’s post. As the most Dutchies know, Makro is a big whole store where entrepreneurs can buy […]

How to start living a minimal lifestyle?

Zeldzaam mooi - Olst - handgemaakte markt - ©kim buining fotografie

A minimalist lifestyle seems to be a big trend. A lot of people are decluttering their life, starting to create a capsule wardrobe, eating more organic and so on. In a time where Social Media is 24/7 screaming for attention, minimalism seems to be a great get away from reality. And I have, to be […]

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