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It’s time for the minimalism series!

Hello loves! There’s a big chance that your reading this while I’m on the plane to Seattle! I’m so excited to go to America – it’s my first visit- and can’t wait to share stories with you guys! In today’s post, I have some other exciting news. As you may know, I decided to step […]

It’s time for a YouTube update!

Hello loves! At first, I want to thank you for your sweet messages yesterday on my birthday. I received so many Instagram stories and messages. Felt so loved. Thank you so much! Yesterday I had a big meeting at Utrecht and after that, I went to my sister’s house to eat some vegan pie and […]

Wardrobe tip: Make your own style board in minutes

It’s time to create your own spring/ summer capsule wardrobe! If you have no idea if you need to purchase anything at all, then I would definitely recommend you to follow today’s guide. Making your own style board will help you to get rid of everything that you don’t need and give you a clear […]