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Hotspot Groningen | Feel home at Soof’s en Co

It’s time to share a new hotspot in my hometown Groningen with you guys! Soof’s en Co just opened her doors a month ago and  I couldn’t resist the temptation to meet Edith and talk about the concept. Soof’s en Co Groningen Edith and her daughter Sofie started the lunchroom together. Edith already had a […]

Minimalism update | How to start yourself?

Minimalism is a perfect way to declutter from busy routines. In my last blog post, I wrote about the big benefits that I notice since I’ve started. I can really recommend to anyone that want to live a more meaningful and conscious life. How do you start with minimalism? Well, I think the most important […]

Cute hotspot: Pure Groningen


Last week Lilia asked me if I wanted to join her to go on a hotspot fee in Groningen. As a big lover of everything eatable, I couldn’t resist this invitation. I mean seriously: eating out and making new content? I’m in! For my old website (AlleenPuur), I visited and reviewed more than 15 restaurants […]