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Mooie, duurzame tassen bestaan. Check Matt & Nat!


Vrijwel elke vrouw die ik ken is verzot op tassen maar wat doe je als je alleen nog maar duurzaam wilt shoppen? Waar vind je nou een mooie duurzame tas? Matt & Nat is ver uit mijn favoriet. Omdat ik zo enthousiast ben over de moderne vormgeving wil ik je graag kennis laten maken met […]

YouTube update. Do I still like it? +zerowaste giveaway

It has been 6 weeks since I decided to upload a YouTube video every Sunday and so much changed. So it’s time for an update! Why did I decide to make YouTube videos I’ve been thinking about making videos for quite a while but the whole editing thing really scared me so much that I […]

Fair friday in Iceland


Hi loves! It’s time for a little update from Iceland. Seriously, Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries that I have ever visited. The mountains, the wind, ice rocks, black sand and beautiful, peaceful¬†atmosphere makes me want to go back any minute. We rented a Happy Camper for a week and drove around the […]