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Minimalism update | How to start yourself?


Minimalism is a perfect way to declutter from busy routines. In my last blog post, I wrote about the big benefits that I notice since I’ve started. I can really recommend to anyone that want to live a more meaningful and conscious life. How do you start with minimalism? Well, I think the most important […]

My 5 favorite vintage stores at Groningen


Groningen is a lovely city with great architecture, a ton of vegan hotspots and it has a lot to offer when it comes to vintage. When I started blogging about vintage, years ago, I never expected to find this many cute stores. To help a girl out I decided to make a little list with […]

Fair Friday | Vintage fashion at the subway

    Happy Friday! It’s time for your weekly dose of fair inspiration! Every week I try to share my latest fashion inspiration. From my new vintage bags to the Sustainable fashion week and trends. Every day more and more sustainable brands are starting out to share their message. And since it can be really […]