How to start living a minimal lifestyle?

January 31, 2017

A minimalist lifestyle seems to be a big trend. A lot of people are decluttering their life, starting to create a capsule wardrobe, eating more organic and so on. In a time where Social Media is 24/7 screaming for attention, minimalism seems to be a great get away from reality. And I have, to be honest: I enjoy every second. 

But when do you have a minimal lifestyle?

Some think that you will never reach this point. There would always be a new goal to reach. First, you will start minimizing your wardrobe, then your cosmetics, house, and groceries. In the end, you will be deciding to sell your TV, be more in nature than on your phone and well.. some people think that’s cute frightening.

For me, minimalism is all about mindset. It is releasing from the pressure from society. You don’t need to have new clothing to look good or the newest Iphone. The most important thing is that you focus on memories instead of things. Living with less stuff helps me to stay focus. To focus on the goals in life instead of a new purchase.

Let me give you a few tips.

How to start living a more minimalistic life?

1.Focus on what’s really important in your life. 

Why is minimalism such a big thing for you? Do you want to travel more and work part time or save money so that you can start your own business? Everybody has a deep inner motivation that empowers them to chase their goals. Take some time to discover your inner passion. What drives you to chase your dream?

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2. Make a plan

It sounds so super easy but in reality, we often forget to make a plan. Write down your goal and then write down some baby steps that you can do before reaching them. I decided that I want to be a coach again but also want to be financial independent. When I lost my job years ago I had to deal with the financial consequences. I noticed that my money mindset really changed and now I don’t even need much money anymore as used to before. It’s such a relief. I love it!

3. Declutter 

Declutter (in Dutch we call it ‘ontspullen’) your belongings. First start with a subject that has no emotional attachments. For me this was cosmetics. It was easy for me to check my stash and made 3 boxes. The first one were items that I wanted to keep. The second box contained items that were expired or broken and the last one contained stuff that I just wouldn’t use. I gave the last box away to relatives.

My advice: start with decluttering on one area and then move to another. I started with cosmetics until my stash was empty, then I decided to only buy essentials.

4. Learn to live with less

After you decluttered your belonings, it’s time to learn to live with less. Find out your weak spot and set up a rule for yourself. My weak spots is bags and vintage clothing. I love them both and it feels like I will never have enough. Every girl has her craving. Find a balance in the items that you need and start saving money!

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Pssst.. don’t be too harsh on yourself as well. Spoiling yourself once in a while isn’t a crime.

5. Start talking, start sharing!

Everybody has items in their garage that they don’t use anymore. And a lot of us have materials for houses and garden that we only use once a year.

One of the best things that you can do is start talking and start sharing! Communicate with your neighbors and friends and discover a number of things that you can share. Be willing to share with others. You could help so many people and it will save all of you a lot of money.

6. Don’t let live overwhelm you

The last advice that I would love to share with you is about mindset. Blogging is one of the greatest things that I have ever done but it has a ‘dark side’. It sometimes really overwhelms me. Beeing online 24/7 can make you feel really insecure since you will see how successful and balanced others peoples live seems to be. In reality, most of us only share the positive things in living. We tend to keep our little dark secrets to ourselves. Feeling overwhelmed and tired because of Social Media? Take a break and enjoy life!

Thanks for reading this post! Are you living a minimal lifestyle? Let me know!

Love, Kim


  1. Comment by Iris

    Iris Reply January 31, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Mooie blogpost! Het afgelopen jaar ben ik hier heel erg mee bezig geweest, zoals je misschien wel weet van mijn Insta of blog. Het voelt goed om te kunnen leven met minder en meer focus te hebben op wat wel belangrijk is. Zoals je zegt aan het einde vind ik het enige lastige nog het online leven. Ik vind er steeds meer een balans in, maar af en toe heb ik even een down gevoel en beïnvloedt het toch mijn dag. Vandaag had ik bijvoorbeeld zo’n dag. Ik voel mij er een beetje onzeker door en kan niet helemaal genieten. Dat is oké, morgen weer een nieuwe dag.

    • Comment by kimbuining

      kimbuining Reply February 4, 2017 at 12:56 pm

      Ja, dat kan ik me zo goed voorstellen! Ik merk zelf ook dat ik mij soms laat meeslepen met de insta hype. Wat is het toch allemaal met die druk om nummers?

  2. Comment by Galina

    Galina Reply January 31, 2017 at 9:29 pm

    True, life can be very overwhelming at times and I’m still struggling with finding the right balance. Living more with less has certainly contributed to my happiness and I completely agree with you that it’s all about your mindset. Letting go of our carefully collected belongings may seem contraintuitive at first, but once you start experiencing the peace and quite that replace those belongings it slowly becomes a state of mind.

    (p.s. heb besloten om in het Engels te reageren, hoort gewoon bij een Engelstalig blog :), dus vanaf nu reageer ik in het Engels)

    • Comment by kimbuining

      kimbuining Reply February 4, 2017 at 12:56 pm

      Haha, helemaal goed! :)

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