‘Freedom is the oxygen of the soul’

Traveling the world. It seems to be on everybody’s bucket list.

‘I want to travel the world and become a Digital Nomad.’ Is what I here often. Travelling seems to be equal to freedom. I think that we should try to find freedom in our daily life. What’s up with your routines? Do you really want to live this way? Or are you stuck in society’s standards?

It’s just one year ago when I decided to start all over. I started my own company. Moved to a smaller house. Learned to live with less and try to combinate work with a more minimalistic lifestyle.

It’s all about balance and making decisions. Do you want to have an own house or do you want to travel? A Gucci bag or a trip to Australia? Almost everything in life is possible. It’s up to you to make the first step.

By these articles, I want to inspire you to chase your dreams. Only you can make it happen!

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