Outfit: Vintage vibes

January 16, 2017

An old train station that is out of work. Old trains. And a lot of smoke. A few weeks ago I made my newest lookbook video on a really special location. The Star museum that is located in Stadskanaal (Groningen, The Netherlands). 

Years ago it connected the local people with cities above the big city Groningen. It was a great way to travel and I still can’t imagine why the stop using this way of transportation. Where the costs too high? Where there not enough passengers? Who knows.

As a kid, I traveled once with this impressive train. My grandparents- that live close by- picked me up for a little ride. It was amazing and I loved every second. Today the trains only ride during a few weeks in the summer time and at some holidays. We were really lucky cause the train was also riding that weekend so we could make pictures and record our video in the trains.

This was the result but I also want to share one of my favorite looks. I bought the leather skirt years ago and It’s still one of my favorites. The stockings are from Swedish stockings. If you like to wear skirts and dresses as well, definitely check them out. The quality is really good and they are sustainable made.

The coat that I’m wearing is from French Connection. I bought it at a vintage store. It’s not 100% vintage but I’m so happy that I found a jacket that fits my small waist. The sweater is also thrifted. I bought it a the local Leger des Heils story that’s located in the Oosterstraat at Groningen. This store sells second-hand items and also teaches people to sew clothing. A great combination and I already found several unique items at this store. A little tip: please try on everything you like. The sizes aren’t always European sizes.

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I need, to be honest. I think it’s really difficult to find sustainable shoes that really matches my style. I love to combinate classy, French inspired vintage with minimalistic styled clothing. During summer times I love to mix it up with some bohemian inspired clothing. My sneakers from Mipacha are favorite but I really find it difficult to find sustainable winter shoes.

With a little bit of pain in my heart, I decided it’s time to be a little bit more open-minded when it comes to fashion an ad, some slow fashion to my wardrobe. Slow fashion is items that are key items for your wardrobe. You wear them a lot but the aren’t always 100% sustainable made. The shoes that I’m wearing are from Van Haren. Not sustainable at all. Meaby vegan. I’m not sure since I can’t find all details. But I’m pretty sure that I will wear them for years. If they don’t break down of course. I only paid €19,90 for these beauties and I’ve noticed that they are really popular!

So, that’s it for today’s post. This week is all about taking a bit more rest and finding a balance between work and health. What are your plans? 

Pics by: Lilia.


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