Hi, I’m Kim Buining. A Dutch entrepreneur that started her own business thanks to ‘the magic that’s called blogging’. Years ago, I started blogging since I wanted to clear my mind. My main subject was vintage. I love vintage and walking around thrift shops to  find unique pieces.

You would expect that I own a lot of stuff since I love thrift shopping that much. Well, that’s not the case. During the years I discovered that the minimalist mindset really gives my life more joy and fulfillment. I started to minimize my wardrobe, moved from a 65 m2 house to a small 30m2 house and decided that I want to work location independent. Even if that has to mean that I could own a big house anymore. Freedom is the most important thing in my life.

During the years I kept on blogging. I loved sharing stories and I noticed that people also found it inspiring to hear my story.

In April 2015 I started my own (consulting) business where I help others to follow their dreams as well. Creating new content and helping entrepreneurs to set up a decent plan for their business, empowers me to chase my dreams. I try to work location independent as much as possible so sometimes I will be blogging from another country. Lucky me! Check my travel topic for more info.

‘There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappines. – Mahatma Gandhi’

At this personal blog, I share inspiring stories from people that I meet, my love for vintage, sustainable fashion and my experience as an entrepreneur.

Want to know more? Let’s connect on Instagram and YouTube or send me an email: info@kimbuining.com

With love, Kim.

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