You want to look clean, sharp and on trend. Right?

I want the same.

But a few years ago, I realized that the brands that I loved weren’t that kind to their workers. It’s crazy to imagine but even in 2017, there are still kids working to make ‘our shirts’ for the lowest price.

We are all so focussed on buying local and eco- friendly food but what about our clothing?

Since I saw the movie The True Cost, I decided that I want to have an amazing capsule wardrobe that suits my ‘needs’ and that’s a mix of my favorite vintage items and sustainable brands.

In The Netherlands – where I live- but also worldwide are so many great makers that are setting up new brands. Hell, even celebrity Stella Mc Cartney is convinced!

On this blog I want to inspire other women with great stories from people that make fashionable and fair fashion. Meet the makers and create your own, unique wardrobe. 

Since I’ve decided to minimize my interior and wardrobe, much changed. I’m way more balanced and even started my own consulting company. Minimalism is a great way to declutter from the busy lifestyle and start all over.

Thanks to minimalism:

  • You will feel less pressure for buying new items like clothing
  • And stop wasting your time and energy on finding new items that you want to have
  • You will learn to appreciate your items more
  • And get a pro in combinating your favorites
  • Hell yes, that you will be saving money for your dream trip
  • Or you can even start your own company!

Let’s go!


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