How to build a capsule wardrobe?

December 23, 2016

Since I’ve been talking about creating my own capsule wardrobe, I’ve been asked several questions. The main question is: What is a capsule wardrobe? Well girls, let me explain it for you in today’s article!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe that contains your favorite items that you mix up and wear for a minimum period of time. Most people make a capsule every other 3 months. Some items are perfect to wear all year. For example: your favorite t- shirt that you wear with your favorite skirt in summer and with a big knitted cardigan during winter.

The big plus about having a capsule wardrobe is that you finally have a wardrobe filled with stuff that you are actually using. Can you remember those moments that you feel like you have nothing to wear?

I have. It’s ridiculous if you see how much items you own. Beeing creative is the key. Having a wardrobe that you can easily mix up and that contains some good basics is the key.

Since I would love to travel more but also want to live more minimalistic, a capsule wardrobe was the perfect next step.

How many items can you own?

I hear different stories when it comes to the amount of items that you can own. Some people only want to have 33 items (that’s excluding socks and underwear). Others think that it depends on your daily life. And I can imagine that too. For my work I like to dress up with heels and nice dresses but when I have a day off I like to wear more vintage items. And some of them have real big prints. For my work, I don’t think that’s classy. Don’t get me wrong; I like to express myself but  I also want to put the focus on my client, not on me. It’s all about them.

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My own suggestion is this:

First, empty your closet. Put all of your clothing on top of the bed and then check it. What are you actually wearing? I found out that I really love to wear blouses. I love to combinate them with jeans but also with 50s skirts. Another favorite is these heels. They are comfy, unique and vintage styled.

I would really recommend that you should focus on creating your own unique style instead of focusing on trends. Buy some key items. Invest in quality and buy wisely. You can only spend your money once.

So check your wardrobe. What type of colors do you like to wear? Do you wear patterns? What kind of clothing are flattering?

One of my favorite videos about having a capsule wardrobe:

Pssst… A few weeks ago I started with my own closet. It’s almost perfect. I’m only still looking for a nice vegan biker jacket and a perfect black dress. Oh and don’t forget the underwear. I’m still a big fan of Hunkemöller and yes, there are not eco-friendly. The problem is that I haven’t found another brand that makes cute and comfy underwear. So instead of wearing fair I’m going for slow fashion at this part.

Pssst… a new lookbook video is coming up! Can’t wait to show it to you! Please follow me on Instagram to receive the latest updates.





  1. Comment by Darina

    Darina Reply December 23, 2016 at 7:58 am

    Good tips! A few weeks ago I cleaned up my wardrobe too, it’s better now :)

  2. Comment by Babs

    Babs Reply December 29, 2016 at 12:38 am

    Ik hang altijd de “doordeweekse kleding” links en de speciale, nette kleding en jurkjes rechts. Echt een systeem heb ik niet, al probeer ik wel setjes bij elkaar te hangen.

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